What Does Correspondence Mean?


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One of the most popular words that we used in everyday conversation is 'correspondence' and it conveys the meaning of writing letters or some other kind of written message transference.

Sometimes the word is also used to show connection between two things or the fact of two things being similar. You can better understand the concept when it is used in the following sentence: There must be a close correspondence between two things.

But the word is mostly used in the first mentioned context and when you use the word everyone tend to think about some written form of communication. This use of the word can be described better in the following sentence: We kept correspondence since so long that now we don't feel even a need to meet each other.
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I think  correspondence course is a form of education known as distance learning. The typical correspondence course involves the exchange of teaching materials between a student and teacher geographically remote from each other. The student obtains a textbook locally, and lesson plans, lecture notes and problem sets are sent by the instructor to the student. The student sends completed assignments back to the instructor for grading, and exams are administered by a proctor local to the student.

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