What Does Brink Mean?


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The time or situation just before something happens; especially something bad is called the brink. Example, peter was on the brink of tears. Another example would be, 'drought has pushed the people to the brink of starvation'. Words synonymous to the word brink could be edge or rim or lip or threshold or verge or border or limit or margin. Boundary, bank, circumference, brim, fringe, limit, perimeter, periphery and skirt are some of the other synonyms that can mean brink in different contexts.

In literary sense, brink is considered to be the edge of a very high place such as a cliff. If something pushes, drives, or shoves someone over the brink, it shocks someone and is so difficult to deal with that, the person cannot control his emotions and seems to go crazy. Example, 'Maria's son's death pushed her over the brink.'

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