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The word brawn is a noun and is used to mean solid and strong muscles, especially of arms and legs. The word has its origins in French. It was taken from the word 'braon', which means muscle or the fleshy part of the leg. If something is brawny, possesses brawn. Thus, brawny is the adjective form of brawn and can be used to describe strong and powerful things. Brawn is physical or muscular strength and is used in comparison with intelligence. Example: Rugby players are known for their brawn and not for their brains.

In British language, brawn means 'meat of a boar'. Other, words that could be used for this word is: bulk, muscularity, might, muscle, potence, potency, power, powerfulness, puissance, sinew, strength, and thew. Brawn also means 'head cheese'. This is not a cheese but a dish of meat that is prepared forms the head of a calf or pig. Sometimes sheep or cow can be used instead f calf or pig. It is prepared in special container pan called terrine.
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Possessing muscular strength
Classified under:
Nouns denoting attributes of people and objects
Brawn; brawniness; heftiness; muscularity; sinew; muscle
Hypernyms ("brawn" is a kind of...):
Strength (the property of being physically or mentally strong)

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