What Does Blaze Mean?


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There are different versions of the meaning of the word blaze such as "a strong flame that burns intensely; shine vibrantly and intensively; hell: a cause of difficulty and suffering; blaze away: shoot rapidly and repeatedly; hell: noisy and unrestrained mischief; burn brightly and intensely; glare: great brightness; move speedily and as if shining; a light-colored marking; specify by marking trees with blazes".

Blaze is also the act of smoking cigarettes or smoking cannabis (a drug). Blaze is also the name of a mythical Australian man who has super hero abilities. It often refers to the white patch or stripe that runs down the center of the face of a horse or other animal, typically extending from the forehead to the nose.

There are various bands, albums, films, novels and fictitious characters by the name of Blaze.

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