What Does The Term Chav Mean?


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There's no clear consensus where this term came from. Urbam myth has it that it's an acronym for "Council Housed and Violent". Certainly in usage it refers to people who are unsophisticated, unfashionable and vulgar.

Some sources suggest that it is actually Romany or even Traveller slang for "boy". It may have been used by Travellers to counter the occasional accusation thrown at them of being "pikeys".

Not least because of its vague origins and imprecise meaning, the term has come to mean almost anybody else in the social order upon whom you would like to look down. So although there are many details on the Internet about "chav" stereotypes, it's not clear how quickly somebody crosses the boundary. Does wearing white trainers instantly push a young man into the category? Or does he need a baseball cap, a suped up Ford Fiesta and to sport a single diamond earring as well?

Literally dozens of towns have been nominated as the "chav" capital of Britain.
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Main Entry:  ChavPart of Speech:  NDefinition:  The lower class; uneducated and ignorant peopleEtymology:  Perhaps Romany chav childUsage:  Derogatory slang

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