What Does Confined Mean?


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Confine means to keep or restrict within certain parameters or limits. It can also be extended to mean imprison. It implies a restriction in general movement. Confine was at one time long ago also used to mean a prison or a restriction.

The word is taken from the French word "confiner" that was in earlier Old French known as "confines" meaning boundaries. But the actual root of the word is the Latin "confine" which merges com and finis (meaning border).

Synonyms of the word include fenced in, captive, jailed, imprisoned, captive and penned.

Examples of confine in use are:

"The lepers were confined to the limits of the leper colony".
"Confine your personal opinions to your self, we are discussing facts".

Confine can be written as "confined", "confining", "confines" which are verb forms and confines which is its noun form.
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In life are you really confined?: Or are you simply feeling the sense of security within a certain word?

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