What Does Chico Mean?


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Chico is generally referred to name of a person. It is mostly a male's name. It is a Teutonic origin. The name chico means a free man. Some of the famous personalities that share the very same name are Diego "Chico" Corrales, who is a lightweight boxing champion. Then you also have Chico Marx (an actor), Chico Buarque (Brazilian singer and writer), Chico DeBarge (R&B singer), Francisco "Chico" Aramburu (Brazilian footballer) and Chico O'Farrill (musician).

Chico is also the name of two places. One is the California State University, Chico and the other is Chico, which is located a t California. Chico was also a name of a song that was sung by The Concretes in the 2003 album named The Concretes. Mostly this is a term that is offered as a friendship kind word towards a male. It is mostly used among Spanish speaking people.
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'Chico' in spanish means 'Boy' (teenager or young age). In some places they use it with the meaning of 'Small'.
'Chica' means 'Girl'.
'Chicos y Chicas'='Boys and Girls'.
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Chico can mean like little or it can mean boy like chica means girl so chico means boy
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Chico mean that a boy and chica means a old lady who bite her finger nails .

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