What Is Lignite?


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Lignite is basically young coal, although it still has been formed over millions of years, it is still not as old as traditional coal which we associate with coal burning fires. Lignite is not a black coal, but a very deep brown coal and is sometimes referred to as 'low grade' coal. Like coal its formation is a result of the partial decomposition of plant material, which has been suppressed over time.

Usually lignite has a high ash content and also a very high moisture content (up to about 45%) which does not make it suitable for burning in the home. It is therefore used to generate electricity. Around 80% of all lignite produced goes into production of electricity with the rest being channelled towards the production of gas and a small amount used as an ingredient in fertiliser. Only a tiny amount is actually used in the home for fuel burning purposes.
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It is a soft brown coal, used mostly for electrical power generation, and can be quite volatile.

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