Could Someone Tell Me The Translation Or Word For Shadow, Or Crucifiction? Translate To Native American Language.


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Such a great idea and it sounds as though your new dog has a very unique look. I found a translator site online for Cherokee. The word for shadow is UDXL pronounced phonetically (ooh dee yuh lee). It would be up to you to make a English spelling that would appear to look like English. Also Crucifix/crucifixtion was not found, but cross was. It is ASGRT (ah sss gah see tee). Although, there is a note that says this word has meanings of; ugly & mean. Hmmmmm???? Stick with 'ooh dee yuh lee' not so much the other choice.
The site has other languages. Try; if you want to search out more, and click on the 'dictionaries' in upper left.  Good luck and let me know what you decide.

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