What Does My Name Natasha Mean?


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Natasha is a Russian name that means "little Natalia" and "born on Dec. 25th". Obviously, the girl's name is a popular choice for baby girls born on Christmas Day. Natasha is the diminutive version of the name, Natasha. For American or Canadian girls, Natasha can be an exotic choice that is still not too different. While not as popular in North America as names, such as Sarah or Brittany, Natasha remains a moderately popular choice for baby girl's names.

How To Find Out What Other Names Mean

• On the Internet, there are plenty of ways to decipher the meanings of men's and women's names. For example, plenty of expectant mothers and fathers check the baby name sites to see what prospective names might mean.
• To find these sites, just Google baby+names - this simple search should turn up a slew of baby name sites. However, not every baby name site will list accurate information - to be sure you know the correct meaning for a name, double check and cross reference until you have confirmation that a name truly means what you think it does.
• Looking at the country of origin for a baby name can also be interesting - if you know your own ancestry, you may be interested in naming a baby a baby name connected to your ancestral culture. For example, if you're of Irish or Celtic origin, a name such as Bridget (for a girl) or Niall (for a boy) would be perfect. If your last name is of Celtic origin, a Celtic baby name will blend beautifully with that name.

Knowing the meaning of your own first name, or a special friend's first name, can be special and important. Understanding the origins of first names can be a great way to enjoy all the special hidden meanings found in a first name.
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It is of Russian origin and is a variation of "Natalie". "Natalie" is of Latin origin and means "birthday". It also refers to the "birth of Christ" or "Christmas", even "nativity". Historically, a lot of babies were named Natasha around Christmas time.
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It means a new beginning
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It also means Christmas Child.
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Natasha (Na-tah-shah) is a name of Russian origin and means the Lord's birthday. Girls born on Christmas day were often named as Natasha. It is a variant of the name Natalia or Natalie and can be considered as the feminine form of Noel. Natasha is a popular name in Russia and often the Tsar's daughter was named as Natasha.
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The name Natasha is a female name. The meaning of Natasha is "Christ's Birthday or simply Birthday. It is of Latin Origin.
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My name is actually Natasha...and I've been told my whole life this is actually what it means you two who doubt the answer the people before you gave
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I actually don't think that my name means christmas day or that lot I was born in summer in july
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I am trying 2 find out what is the meaning of natasha can anyone help me out plzzzz

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