What Does My Name Harrison Mean?


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Harrison is a fairly popular name in the US. Until recently it was almost never used as a given name in the UK, although as a surname it has always been fairly common. In 2004, though, it was in the top 50 names for boys in England and Wales, so it has clearly grown in popularity . this is probably because of the international fame of Hollywood actor Harrison Ford, star of Indiana Jones and numerous other films.

Like many names ending in "son", Harrison was originally a patronymic (a part of the full name indicating who one's father was) meaning "Harry's or Henry's son." Henry itself derives from words meaning "home ruler."

There have been two US Presidents with the surname Harrison (William Henry and Benjamin Harrison) which probably explains how it first became popular as a given name for boys.
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"son of Henry". I wish I was making that up.  That was a first for me. I'll research the origin of the last name for you while I'm at it.
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A popular boy name Harrison is pronounced HARE-ee-sun. It is of Old English origin, and its meaning is "son of Harry." The name was used occasionally as a first name since the 19th century. Actor Harrison Ford is one of the famous personalities bearing the name.

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