How Do I Say, 'My Family' In Italian?


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My family, in Italian
In Italian you'd refer to your family as mia famiglia and can be preceded by the feminine article la. The word famiglia is pronounced [fam-eel-ya] and has its roots in the Latin familia.

Relatives, in Italian
The word 'relatives' translates into parenti in Italian and is the source of some confusion amongst anglophones because of its proximity to the English word 'parents' - which refers exclusively to the mother and father.

Other family members in Italian
Other useful translations of the words for different family members can be found below. You may be interested to note that the word for grandson, granddaughter, nephew and niece are all the same  - which could be a source of great confusion at Italian family reunions!

Father= padre (colloquial papa, babbo)

Mother= madre (colloquial mamma)

Sister= sorella
Brother= fratello
Son= figlio
Daughter= figlia
Grandson= nipote
Granddaughter= nipote
Uncle= zio
Aunt= zia
Grandfather= nonno
Grandmother= nonna
Great grandfather= bisnonno
Great grandmother= bisnonna
Cousin= cugino (male) cugIna (female)

Nephew= nipote
Niece= nipote
Husband= marito
Wife= moglie
Spouse= sposo (male) sposa (female)
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La mia famiglia is the answer. Search in Google desktop gadgets, there you will get a gadget a translator. It will be really useful - as you can translate & use & sharpen your knowledge. It will really help you.

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