How Do You Say "I Miss You So Much" In French?


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To say "I miss you so much" in French, say: "Tu me manques tellement" or "Tu me manques trop." The latter is grammatically incorrect but more widely used colloquially. They can be pronounced phonetically like this: "Too muh monk (as in honk, not monk) tell-mon" or "Too muh monk tro."

If you are saying goodbye to someone really special to you and want to speak in French there are also some other useful phrases you may think of using. These include the following:

"Je t'adore." (I love you - between friends.)

"Je t'aime" (I love you - romantically.)

"Tu vas me manquer" (I'm going to miss you.)

"A bientôt." (I will see you soon or I will see you later.)

"Je ne peux pas attendre de te revoir." ( I cannot wait to see you again.)

"Je vais toujours penser toi." (I will always be thinking of you.)

"Nous devons rester en contact." (We need to stay in contact.)

Of course, there are hundreds of things you may wish to say to someone when saying goodbye. If you know someone who speaks fluent French, ask him or her to help teach you a few phrases. Alternatively, there are a huge number of websites you could visit that offer free translation services. All you need to do is type in the text in English you want to see translated into French and then click on the 'translate' button. It should be noted though that not all these online translation services are 100% grammatically accurate all the time.

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How do you say "I miss you so much, I don't no if you even think about me.I still love you. If the was a way to tell you how I feel. I would have done it long time ago. But I'm you
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Or in correct french you would say: Tu me manques tellement!
Tu me manques trop is denifitely informal and grammatically incorrect. It's slang.
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Tu me manques tellement
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You are all wrong =.= The simple way of saying that phrase in French is "Tu me manques trop", just notice how to conjugate verbs =.= The other way out is "Je m'ennuie tellement de toi". If you "vouvoyer" with someone, its not sweet at all if you address to a friend, a close friend or your missing half, "vous" is only best in this case for your parents or someone older than you or saying with respect =)
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Tu me manques trop!! Informal, but you wouldn't say you missed someone formally.. The verb 'manquer' is verrrry irregular.

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