How To Say "Trust No One" In Latin.


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Well, it's really meaningless in Latin. 'Fides' does mean 'trust', but the only verb form is second person singular, future tense - You will trust. 'Fides' is also the form for the noun 'trust' in several uses.

'Nemo' does mean 'no one', but only as used for the subject of a sentence - and then it would not match up with 'fides' as a verb.

It looks like someone went to a dictionary or a translator site and picked out head words in a definition and used them.

Fide nominem = Trust no one. (Singular command)
Fidite nominem = Trust no one. (Plural command)
Fides nominem = You (sing) will trust no one.
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Latin translation for trust no politician
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Ne humans crede is Latin for Trust No Human, not quite the same, but it's a more common saying in Latin. The direct translation should be Fides Nemo.

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