How To Say And Spell 'Welcome To Our Home' In Italian?


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To welcome someone into your home you would use the word benvenuto [ben-veh-nu-to] for a single male guest, benvenuta to a single female guest, and benvenuti when welcoming more than one guest, irrespective of gender.

There are a number of ways to refer to your 'home' in Italian, with the most common being the word 'casa' [caz-ah]. Coupled with the pronoun nostra which is the equivalent of 'our', you'll be able to give a warm Italian welcome to someone by saying benvenuto alla nostra casa.

In this sentence, the article alla can also be replaced by the preposition nella.

Another modification you might hear is the pronoun nostra working behind the noun, as in benvenuto a casa nostra.

Obviously you can replace the word casa for any other reference to your home, from appartamento (apartment) through to posto (place).
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Benvenuto (if its one person) or benvenuti (if it's multiple guests) alla nostra casa.
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This is how it is seplled "Benvenuto Alla Nostra Sede". For more information and authenticity, see the link below:

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