What Does It Mean To Be English?


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To be english means YOU ARE FROM ENGLAND! You were born and bred in England, all your life you were and still do reside in England...well thats me...and I LOVE BEING ENGLISH! I wouldnt want to be anything else...8) I'm Proud of being English/British ..don't get mixed up..a lot of non-British people do...I'd say most of my friends from the US keep referring to the English as "British" but ye forget that Britain has 4 COUNTRIES! One of them which is England!!! XD ...8) Being English means sooo much to me, native English and is the best feeling ever , sitting there with your famous English cuppa...watching FAMOUS ENGLISH FOOTBALL...and also because FORMULA 1 and Cricket was both orginated from England......well I just love being English..especially when your country is named ENGLAND..and it makes you think "I was meant to speak English" sounds silly? LOL but ..yehh...I love it! XD...
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I am indian but was born in england, I think and dream in english - am I english or indian.   I also fancy english white men more than indian men
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Since so many people confuse British with English (when I say so many I mean those from without the UK and Ireland, no one there would make that confusion - well apart from the English who also use the words British and English interchangeably, much to others annoyance) it is probably best to talk specifically about being English.

Being English means coming from England, being born in England and holding a British passport which states place of birth as English. If you come from Nigeria and you manage to get a British passport, you are Nigerian, with a British passport, but you are not English, even if you live there all your life.

Being English means being proud of your country, it's sporting teams, its achievements, it does not mean hanging your head in shame at the perceived errors of past governments and their behaviours.

The English are good people, a little reserved, sometimes the very opposite, rather disgracefully if you were to see an English nightclub some nights. We are trapped between English and Britishness, not really knowing the difference.

To be English is not racist, we can fly the George Cross and be happy, not so in Northern Ireland for instance where that symbol is one of bigotry.
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It means to be english people as native english.
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Reading this has lifted my day
, it is so nice to know there is still an england .and english people, I really mean this I am so happy to here it
god bless england and all who name there self as english
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Being english is great but don't you ever wonder what it would be like to be something else

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