What Does Dame Mean?


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The word dame was formerly used as a civil label for a woman who possessed some authority or the wife of the master of the house. It is also used to merely refer to a married lady. It is also an informal or slang term for a girl, much like 'doll' or 'chick'.

Contrarily, it is used as a formal title to refer to a woman who is highly sophisticated and refined, like 'madam' or 'gentlewoman'.

In England, the title 'dame', is used for a lady who has been conferred this title by a central or state authority, for her contribution to the country in a particular field. This title is not hereditary in nature.

A dame is also used to refer to the wife of a knight, who has been widowed. A dame is also the female counterpart of a knight. The title of dame can also be said to be equivalent to that of 'Sir'.
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It is an English honor for a woman like a knight is for men. It is given our on the Queen's birthday.
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Dame means a posh lady. Just like you say sir to a man you say Dame to a lady

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