What Does Perdu Mean In English?


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Perdu means Obsolete. It is derived from the French word perdue, which means to loose. Perdu also known as Perdues refers to a lot of places around the world. It is the name of the city or a village located in central Saskatchewan in Canada. Perdue is also famous as the area office of the Royal Canadian Legion and Legion Ladies Auxiliary.

It also refers to the surname of few people like Beverly Perdue who is the lieutenant ruler of North Carolina, Frank Perdue who was a long-time president of Perdue Farms, Lewis Perdue an American novelist, Sonny Perdue a governor of Georgia and Will Perdue a former NBA player.
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Perdu is the past tense of the French verb, Perdre, which means to lose, and which is derived from the Latin word, Perditus, which means lost.

In Dodie Smith's book, "101 Dalmatians", an abandoned adult dog is named Perdita for that very reason.

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