What Does It Mean To Be Addicted To A Drug?


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Krystal DeLaRosa Profile
Being addicted to a drug means you need the drug to function or you will go into withdrawals and be very sick without it.
Karen Andrews-Agnew Profile
When you feel like you NEED this drug, you may have an addiction problem. You HAVE to have it, EVERY DAY. Alcoholics have to have a drink every day. Shopoholics have buy things constantly to get a rush from their purchases. Its this constant urge nagging at you and when it is something as strong as heroine or crack, cocaine - the urge is also a physical one. And if you don't get it, you have physical withdrawal symptoms.
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randy mitchell answered
It means that you have conditioned yourself and rely on whatever source it is to maintain a type of normalacy by which it has created.Its no longer a want its a need.
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Jemma Serre answered
It means you can't stop using drugs and you use all your money on it

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