What Does Fuehrer Mean In English?


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A fuehrer is German for a leader, especially one who is dictatorial and exercises the authoritative powers of a tyrant.

He is an absolute ruler, his ruling manner characterised by oppression. He runs a totalitarian government or rule.

Der Fuhrer is the term used to describe the Nazi dictator of Germany before and during the World War II, Adolf Hitler.

The word is commonly used in German to refer to a sort of a guide. But because of Hitler's title, the word is now linked with social stigma.

Fuhrer was the title that was bestowed by Hitler on himself, when he was Chancellor of Germany. This took place after the demise of the last Reichsprasident of the Weimar Republic. This newly invented position unified the titles of Leader and Chancellor, thus making Hitler into Germany's head of state as well as government.
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I'm sorry but I think you may have incorrectly embellished your answer. The negative aspects of the word have been applied only in light of histories judgement of Hitlers actions (or as you put it social stigma). The word in it's intended form does not suggest tyranny, dictatorship or oppression and would have been considered an affectionate term.

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