What Does It Mean To Be Neurotic?


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A neurotic person is in touch with reality but is handicapped by a lack of confidence, or by mistrust and/or by tension.

A person suffering from a neurosis may be excessively anxious about his job, his family or his health. He may have exaggerated fears about people or places, such as being afraid to use an elevator.

Among his symptoms may be compulsive eating, being edgy all the time, or having violent outbursts of temper at slight provocations. Generally he is aware of his problem but not of its cause, and does not seem to be able to control it.

You may think you can readily recognize a neurosis. But then again you might not, for neuroses have a way of disguising themselves, in that they often cause physical ills, because of the psychosomatic principle involved. So the sufferer may concentrate on the physical ailments instead of getting to the real cause. Neuroses may be evidenced physically in many forms, such as digestive disturbances, heart trouble, difficulty in breathing and skin rashes.

In contrast to the neurotic person, the psychotic or truly insane person has a more extreme problem. He actually loses touch with reality and reacts and responds in, grossly abnormal ways. Thus there is a common saying: "The neurotic builds castles in the clouds, the psychotic lives in these castles, and the psychiatrist collects the rent."
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It means a person who is mentally ill, mentally disturbed, unstable,unbalanced, maladjusted; psychopathic, phobic, obsessive–compulsive.

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