What Does " Mon Ami " Translated To English Mean?


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The literal translation of this phrase is 'my friend' and is in French. There is no direct translation for the 'au' and the accents are not part of the English language, so therefore 'mon ami' means literally 'my friend'. It is an informal phrase that can mean a whole host of things as the French language has a number of sayings that are used to describe one word.

It can also mean an affectionate term for 'my love' and this can refer to a more affectionate term of endearment and is also informal. Further, it can mean 'my dear friend', while sometimes you can miss the 'cher' out as it is informal language. If you want to use an even more loving term you can use 'mon' or 'ma cherie', although this depends on who you are speaking to, whether they are male or female - so do take care when you are conversing in French.

The grammar is pretty easy to understand as the male gender is 'mon' and the female version is called 'ma'. For his and her, this follows the same rule - so for his coat it is son monteau and for her shirt it is sa chemise - but please take into consideration that some words are feminine even though you may use them for a male. For example, a shower is 'une douche' or 'la douche'.

If you want to take advantage and benefit from learning French there are a number of ways in which you can do so. Firstly, you can buy some of the many language books and DVDs that are currently available on the market. If this is not enough, you can advertise for a language exchange partner who you can swap your native English in exchange for French.
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Mon ami which is French for my friend or my loved one, could probably be most effectively translated into everyday English by using the term, my dear friend, or dear one, as we say in English.

Mon cherie, on the other hand can be translated as sweetheart or darling, this is of course an approximate translation. All the endurances we use to describe the ones we love could fit mon ami as an affectionate term for ones close friends or loved ones.
Whereas, a lover would be ma cherie, female, and mon cherie male, or another endurance for a girlfriend, is ma belle.

The French are a romantic nation who use these diminutives and endurances often, You can improve your French by logging onto Alliance Francais, which operates around the world, and offers courses in both the French language and French culture, they have branches in virtually every city in Europe, and are bound to have one in yours.
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My friend

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