What Does Chic Mean?


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Chic is derived from the French or even the German word Schick, which means skill, fitness, and elegance. The word chic is basically a French word, which later in 1870's came to be known as an English word. It carried the meaning smart or stylish. In German language it holds the meaning tact or skill. In early years in French it referred to the anglicised and particularly unchic, which was a form of "chick".

The word chick also means a girl who is attractive and fashionable or even stylish. One of the famous saying that has the word chic in it is, 'Paris clothes have such chic' or in the modernist sense 'the chic of the first-nighter'. In short it is Sophistication in dress manner, something that is elegant and fashionable.
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It means to have a certain appeal, a look that exudes confidence and style.  It does not necessarily mean that you have the latest fashions or the hottest look, it means you have a timeless sense of style/sophistication that just grabs the attention of the people in a room.  In reality, it's more of a feeling, and there are many ways of understanding "chic".  This is just one way I see it.
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It means elegant and stylish
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It is French for stylish and elegant. It is also a nickname for Charles in Scotland.

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