What Is The Chinese Symbol For Little Sister And Big Sister?


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In chines language little sister is called Mei Mei and Alder sister is called Jie Jie. For the symbols visit  Mei Mei and Jie Jie.
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Actually, it depends on whether you are in Mainland China or Taiwan,
Hong Kong or Macao. That is to say, many Chinese speaking countries
outside Mainland China still write characters traditionally--Jiǎnhuàzì,
in pinyin ( 簡化字). Point being, how you write it depends on where you live in China. Rather, wherever China considers to be China. Point
being, if you want Chinese characters tattooed on body, you'd better
have a pretty clear understanding of exactly what you're getting
tattooed on your body and the meaning that it has to people who read
the language. Not to mention, you might consider exactly why you are
tattooing something you don't understand on your body. If it's just
because it's esoteric, perhaps you might simply create your own
representation of whatever you want to symbolize.

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