What Does Androgynous Mean?


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Androgyny basically is an expression obtained from Greek terms andras which means man and gyne which means woman and generally refers to two perceptions in connection to the assimilation of together male as well as female genders or having a need of gender recognition.

The initial one is the assimilation of masculine as well as feminine attributes and the second one explaining something which is neither masculine nor feminine. Androgynous behaviour is said to be that type of behaviour which either has no sex value, or has certain aspects normally associated with the opposite sex.

Physiologically androgyny which deals with material personality is different from behavioural androgyny which interacts with individual and social anomalies in sex. The expression androgynous is regularly applied for an individual whose appearance and build make identifying their gender difficult.
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In biology, androgynous means having both male & female characteristics and the term is referred as being hermaphroditic.

In general meanings, androgynous is being neither masculine nor feminine. Dressed in the mixed appearance and showing mixed behaviors.

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