What Is The Difference Between "Home" And "House"?


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A home doesnt have to be a house, it can be anyplace in the world. A home is a place you love, where you feel you belong and where you feel happy to be there.A house is a building which accomodates you-It is just a building and you do not neccesarilly care about it.It takes a lot of living in a house to turn it into a home.
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I just came by checking to see if others saw a difference in 'Home' and just a 'house'.  I'd thought there was a difference & by looking at the majority of responses, I see there is
I do not have a home.  Yes, I have a place where I live and there are other people who live here but there is no peace, no comfort, no security, no happiness and no respect.  Oh don't get me wrong; there is not much yelling, no hitting and stuff but it is definitely not a place where you feel comfort, at least not if you live here.  Oh you can visit and we can say all the right stuff to make you feel "at home" but I'm really getting tired of acting.  Forgive me, if I sound discontent but I suppose I will continue to live my life with a roof over my head with other relatives in my dwelling but not having a real place to call "home".  Feel appreciative if you have a husband, children and a "home"!
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A home is something we all love .A house is something we all don't love.A home is something we all care.A house is something we all don't care.A home is something we all feel like where we belong.A house is a building and it takes a long time to make it a home.
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Homes make you feel comfortable and you usually have lived their most of your life.A house, on the other hand, is something that is okay, not too good but not to bad also.
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The essential difference is that a house is a building, a construction. A house doesn't necessarily have to be defined as a home.
It's what happens inside the house that makes it a home. A house can be used as an office, a store house, it can have furniture, fixtures and fittings but it isn't necessarily a home.

A home is somewhere where people live either alone or within a family group. It's where they feel that they belong with or without belongings and a home doesn't have to be a house, it could be a tent or a shed providing the people who live their feel that this is their home.
The word home tends to conjure up a cosy image of family life but in fact not all homes are the same and some are not happy homes.
I would think of a house as a construction without the human element.
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A home is made by the people but needs their love a house needs cement,bricks and different types of materials
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To me a house is the physical structure ie the building, but a home is what you put into that structure to make it the place where its inhabitants are happy, comfortable and content : ubi bene ibi patria...where you feel good that is your home.
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In the English language, home and house can mean two different things, or the same, the language has this flexibility in it.
Home is the concept of being "home", belonging, a feeling of ownership, so we have expressions like, "make yourself at home", or "I feel so at home here. Also, home of my soul, or homegrown, used as an adjective.
Whereas house, can indicate the actual bricks and mortar, and can be used in this way, "I went into his house", I bought my house from a retired man.
Of course sometimes we use it interchangably, like second homes, or homeloans, or home alone.
It is worth noting, that in other languages, for example spoken Italian, there is only one word, used to cover both. So, casa means
at home and my house.

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