What Does Diction Mean?


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Diction as a word implies the choice of words that are selected for use in writing and speech. It is also used to indicate the distinctness and clarity of ones pronunciation in singing and speech, in other words enunciation.

The word diction is a modification of the word "diccion" meaning a saying or a word and this was taken from the Old French. The word has Indo-European roots and can be found in the Latin as well. In the Latin it is the word "diction" which means "to say".

Synonyms of diction include enunciation, choice of words, wording, phraseology, verbiage and phrasing.

Diction can also be described as the articulation with which one speaks while referring to its intelligibility with regard to the audience. In the simplest of words it is the manner of expressing something.
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Diction is the degree of clarity of pronunciation in speech or singing.
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Diction - n. 1) choice of and use of words in speech or writing. 2) degree of clarity and distinctness of pronunciation in speech or singing; enunciation.     Hence: dictionary!! My source is It offers a brief etymology of the word but if you want more detailed information go to
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Diction can mean a speech and words you use in writing a lot in a speech.

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