What Does Ptolemy Mean?


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The word Ptolemy is a masculine Greek name. It is derived from the Greek word polemeios, which means "aggressive or warlike." The world famous Ptolemy was a Greek geographer, mathematician, astronomer and astrologer. Although his original Greek name is Claudius Ptolemaeus, in English he is simply referred to as Ptolemy.

Ptolemy's name reflects the fact that he lived in a Hellenistic culture within the framework of the Roman world. Claudius is a distinctly Roman name while Ptolemaeus is succinctly Greek.

To Ptolemy's credit are several well researched treatises. In fact three of them acquired much significance to Islamic and European science of the succeeding era. They are the Almagest (which means 'Great Treatise' in Greek), Geography and Tetrabiblos (which means Four Books).
They deal with astronomy, geography and astrology respectively.

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