What Does Fated Mean?


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The word fated is a negative expression. It means doomed. It is usually followed by the preposition to. It means an event which is determined by tragedy or doomed to meet with a tragic fate. The words which are most closely associated with the word fated are the words ill-fated and Hand-fated (a Portuguese band hailing from the city of Cascais in Portugal, which was formed in the latter part year 1995, whose music can be categorised in the genre of progressive hard rock).

The phrase ill-fated means doomed. When something is said to be ill-fated, it means it is short-lived and the consequences and repercussions will be long-term and unfavourable. Ill-fated means something which is marked or characterised by or something that promises bad fortune. A writer called W.H. Prescott is often quoted in connected with the word ill-fated. He said the unlucky prisoner was again put in irons.

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