What Does 'Fate Fell Short This Time' Mean?


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Fate fell short this time means that a person believed a certain course of events, or a certain outcome of something was meant to be, but ultimately it was not.

  • Denial
There are times when an individual so convinces himself or herself that something is inevitable to happen, that when it does not happen, they cannot accept the fact that perhaps it was not meant to be.

Rather than accepting that either something went wrong, or it simply was not destined to be, they choose to believe that fate failed, or fell short. Unable to believe that something was not as inevitable as they thought, they go into denial mode and blame fate.

  • Feeling This
In the song Feeling This, by Blink-182, for instance the lyrics are very obviously about a lost love. An individual is alone in his home, reminiscing about a relationship, lamenting that it no longer exists.

The individual obviously thought that this relationship was meant to be forever, but it did not happen. The loved one is no longer there. The relationship should have been forever, but it is over, so fate messed up, it failed.

  • Confusion
Fate fell short is basically a statement following the confusion of wishful thinking with fate. Because a person wants something so badly, they are convinced that it simply has to be fate for it to happen.

If it then does not happen, fate has failed to deliver what was so badly hoped for. Instead of accepting that their belief was merely wishful thinking, they feel let down by fate.

If the person had merely thought that something might happen, rather than that it will happen, then they would accept the fact that it did not happen as fate. They would say it was not meant to be.
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Fate is something that is predestined to be. People believe that they were destined to be together, but then something gets in the way of this happening, say like one of them passing away, for one reason or another. It could then be said that "fate fell short this time" Hope this helps, good luck to you.
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I guess something got in the way of the way things were supposed to go.

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