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Commercial correspondence must be courteous. Courtesy costs nothing. In business, courtesy is a must. Courteous letters win friends, enrol new customers, retain old ones and win similar other favors. They also win sympathy, respect and mutual understanding. A discourteous letter is probably more detrimental than personal discourtesy because a written word is permanent. Courtesy can be shown in a variety of ways in the general tone of the letters, addressing a person by his proper title, making prompt reply, complying with his request etc. Phrases like," we regret"," I am sorry", "please", "may we"," we appreciate", etc., induce the reader to respond to the writer." Everyone gains where courtesy reigns".

No amount of money and advertisement can promote goodwill as courtesy does. Courtesy is a goodwill builder. Courtesy lies in using such words and phrases and adopting such mental attitude as can win the sympathy and favour of the reader. A courteous message not only pleases the reader but also strengthens the present business relationship. Courtesy is the reflection of a specific mental attitude that aims at writing the message from the reader's point of view.

The following guidelines should be observed to make the message courteous: Be tactful, sincere and appreciative. Courtesy stems from sincere attitude towards others. While refusing something or referring to some mistake, the writer should be very careful so that the reader may not feel hurt. Bad news should be reported honestly, realistically and regretfully. Answer the mail promptly and politely. To keep someone waiting for the reply is extremely discourteous. Delay in replies may cause serious loss to the business. Replies to letters should be furnished without unnecessary delay.
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Word "Courtesy" can be used either as a noun or an adjective. As a noun, courtesy means the excellence in social conduct and manners. It is considered as a respectful act or an expression. It also shows help, favor and generosity of one person towards other. As an adjective courtesy shows the loyalty of a person.

Urbanity and civility are the alternative words of courtesy.

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Always say please and thank you when required never judge people, and treat others as you would wish then to treat you.

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