What Does Guaiac Mean?


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The word guaiac is used to define a chemical which is used to test for the presence of blood in the stool of a person. It is also defined as lignum vitae. Lignum vitae is a hard wood that is greenish-brown in colour. It is the wood of the lignum vitae tree and other trees that belong to the genus Guaiacum.

The guaiac test is defined as the test for blood in the stools or urine of a person. It uses a reagent that contains guaiacum. Guaiacum is a resin which obtained from the lignum vitae tree. It is greenish-brown in colour. It yields a blue colour when blood is found to be present in a person's urine or faeces.

The guaiac wood refers to the heartwood of a palo santo tree. It produces an aromatic oil, which is used in the manufacture of perfumes and soap. The name of the fragrant oil which is produced from guaiac wood (the wood of the palo santo tree) is known as oil of guaiac.

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