What Does Ochoa Mean?


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Ochoa is a last name that originated in the Iberian peninsula of Spain. Its variations are found in the Portuguese, Castilian and Basque languages. The name is derived from the original name "Otxoa" which comes from the Basque word "Otsoa". The word "Otsoa" means wolf. Ochoa is the Castilian version of the name and is also the most common one found the world over. Since the Castilians were involved in America's conquest their version of the name is fairly popular in the United States, Mexico and Colombia. The Portuguese version "Uchoa" is found mostly in Portuguese speaking Brazil in South America. Several coat-of-arms belonging to the Iberian Peninsula representing the name depict wolves.

Famous bearers of this name include American baseball player Alex Ochoa, American Astronaut Ellen Ochoa, Mexican football players Angel Ochoa and Carlos Ochoa etc.

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