What Does Melia Mean?


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Melia is a girl's name. There are three possible derivations of the name. Pronounced as "may-lee-ah", Melia is believed to be of Hawaiian origin and in that tongue it was meant to refer to the "plumeria". Plumeria is a genus of flowering plants within the Family of "Apocynaceae" in the Order of "Gentianales", within the Class of "Magnoliopsida" under the Division of "Magnoliophyta" in the Kingdom of "Plantae".

Melia is also a German name for girls. In German it means "industrious" or "flatterer".

Melia could also be of Greek origin. In the myths of Greek culture, one of the Meliae was the nymph "Melia". She was the daughter of Oceanus. In some versions or stories she is the mother of Phoroneus, Lo and Aegialeus who were fathered by her brother. In others she is the mother of Amycus who was fathered by Poseidon.

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