What Does Mobilization Mean?


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Generally speaking, mobilization refers to an act of organizing resources and putting them into a state of readiness so they can be used for a particular job or action, for example 'mobilization of the country's financial resources." Mobilization is popularly used with reference to gearing-up of the military forces.

Mobilization is the process of organizing, assembling and marshalling men and resources to the nation during times of war or national emergency. The armed forces are readied for an attack and brought in a state of alertness against the threat of an external force or an internal rebellion. In the mobilization of the military force, the military bases and training camps are set up, and a procedure for distributing arms, ammunitions, supplies, equipment and uniforms is doled out. Mobilization can also include the corporation of the civilians by providing raw materials, supplies and saving on resources so that they can be used by the military force. Mobilization of the military has become a dominant military strategy since the French Revolution.

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