What Does Mnemonic Mean?


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Mnemonic means "related to the memory or aiding the process of recalling or memorizing. " A process or a series of steps taken to help a person to memorize events, people, places, things etc are called as mnemonics. In other words, a mnemonic is a memory aid.

Let's assume one wants to remember the names of the Great Lakes in the USA-Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, and Superior. The best way to remember them or the mnemonic aid in this regard is to refer to an acronym called HOMES. Also VIBGYOR is an acronym which helps one to remember the seven colours of the rainbow. A mnemonic aid is a smart memory tactic to establish the relationship between facts and also relate a particular fact or theory to another one. Mind-mapping and peg lists are other complex mnemonic techniques. These techniques delve in simplifying complex things by identifying words, concepts or numbers in terms of pictures for easy memory retrieval.
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Mnemonics are devices to help us remember (aide memoire or memory aide).

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