What Does Melvin Mean?


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The name Melvin is a boy's name and also a surname. In Old English it was supposed to mean "counsel friend" or "sword friend", in Gaelic it would mean "smooth brow" and in Irish it means "polished chief". As a surname it is believed to be either a variation of Melville, or an anglicized form of the Scotish name Mac Gille Bheathain and it can also be a anglicized form of the Irish "O Maoil Mhin" which means a "descendant of Maoilmhin's devotees", this was a personal name which meant "gentle chieftain".

The name is usually abbreviated to Mel and is believed to have come from a name found in Old English "Maethelwine". There are a number of places called Melvin in the United States including Melvin in Iowa, Texas, Illinois and Michigan.

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