What Does The Word Psychotic Mean?


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I'm guessing you mean PSYCHOTIC (apologies if I've got this wrong - if there is a word phychotic, I don't know it.)

Psychotic is an adjective based on the Greek psukhein "to give life to." Like all words beginning with p-s-y-c-h it is also derived from the Greek psyche, or "soul." A psychotic individual has a permanent or temporary mental condition, called psychosis, which usually causes delusions and loss of contact with reality. Psychotic patients may hallucinate, hold strange and unfounded beliefs, withdraw from others and become unable to look after themselves. A psychotic episode is the term used to describe the period (long or short) in which these symptoms appear.

A psychotic person should not be confused with a psychopath. The term psychopath, disliked by some psychologists, is used to describe a person with an incurable, permanent mental disorder, usually resulting in anti-social or violent behaviour.
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I think the word means a little different then others in the head. Thats all. But their still human beings.

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