What Does 'Hunky' Mean?


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Nowadays the most common use for the term hunky is as an adjective which is slang meaning possessing a well-developed physique; or some that is sexually attractive. It is generally applied to a 'hunk' or someone who fits the beefcake male stereotype.

Originally, the term hunky was an offensive slang, which was used as a disparaging expression given to a person, in particular a labourer, coming from east-central Europe. It was probably shortening and an alteration of the term bohunk.

This American slang term was given to immigrants who were of Carpatho-Russian/Lemko descent, which had its origins in the political condition of the motherland of a number of these immigrants, the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The Hunkies as they are known are a amalgamated English speaking western Slavicethnic group which is primarily populated in Western Pennsylvania.

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