What Does Symphony Mean?


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The word symphony can be used to convey the idea of a long and complex piece of music that is usually found in a large orchestra. You might have heard the term 'Beethoven's Fifth symphony' and many other terms of such kind. The term 'symphony orchestra' is used especially for a kind of orchestra that is very large and is particularly known to play classical music.

Though the word has the above mentioned uses but the word can be used in many other contexts because the two terms with which this word is formed can be used to create various kinds of effects. 'Sym' conveys the idea of something being equal and 'phony' is a word that is often heard when somebody is talking about sound, so the two terms can be used to form various words. You can find the use of the term 'sym' in the word synergy which conveys the idea of two different things coming together to create a better effect.
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SYMPHONY...from Greek meaning to
enjoy the making of sound, music.

Sym - together to enjoy

phony - having to do or produce sound

ORCHESTRA...originally from
practices in theatre in ancient Greece.
The area directly before the theatre stage where musicians and dancers
performed. In more modern usage, the name for the place became the name of the
activity that goes on there, as well as the seating section directly before the

PHILOMONIC...Greek meaning a
lover of sound, music

Philo - liking, loving

monic - sounds

BAND...from the French word,
"bande" (pronounced "bond"). Louis XXIV called his personal
group of violinists, usually twenty-four in number, his bande. Modern usage has
anglicized the word to its more familiar pronunciation. The meaning has also
changed to encompass any small group, from a band of outlaws to a band of
musicians. Louis XXIV, by the way, also had something called (place the French
derivative for "large" or "big" here) Bande. This was his
full orchestra. From this, you might say France's famous king had the first
"Big Band!"
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Interesting music, or some thing that make sense to some one listening song

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