How Do You Say And Spell 'Kiss' In Italian - Not 'Kiss Me', Just 'Kiss'?


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The Italian word for kiss is bacio (pronoucned batch-oh), and the plural form 'kisses' is baci (pronounced batch-ee). The word derives from the Latin bāsiō.

Other kissing terminology
The infinitive of the verb 'to kiss' is baciare. Other words you might find useful when talking about kissing in Italian are labre (meaning lips- one lip is labra) and lingua (which means tongue).

You may want to avoid denti (or teeth) when kissing, unless you were intent on giving your partner a succhiotto which is the term for 'hickey' or 'love bite'. Be careful, though - as this also doubles as the word for 'dummy' or 'pacifier' (as in the thing you give a baby to keep it quiet), so you wouldn't want to get the two things mixed up!

Other Baci...
Bacio is also the name of a popular Italian confectionery that has a hazelnut centre and a chocolate coating. The treat is so popular that most gelaterie or ice-cream parlours offer a version of that particular flavour .

As you'd expect, there are a large number of Italian pop songs with the word bacio in the title. Two examples are Cesare Cremonini's Il Primo Bacio Sulla Luna (The First Kiss On The Moon), and Lucio Dalla's Prima Dammi Un Bacio (First- Give Me A Kiss).

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