What Does Salaam Mean?


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Salaam is Arabic and a Persian word which is pronounced as Salaam or Selam. It literally means peace. Salaam is a dignified act of curtsy or respect. It is in particular a low bow which is done with placing the right hand over the forehead. It is performed specially in Islamic countries as a tradition of greeting the guests. It is considered as a respectful and a ceremonial greeting. It is a common greeting practice in the Middle East. Salaam is always goes along with a handshake if it is exchanged among two persons sharing the same gender. This practice of salaam does not form its basis on any Islamic ruling. The style of doing salaam differs from place to place. In Arabia, salaam is associated along with three light kisses whereas in India it is accompanied with a low bow and the raising of the right hand till the forehead.
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In addition, the word is used in swahili language to refer to the same same thing as explained above. But for the swahili, it is usually accompanied by shaking hands only. Swahili is the language spoken in east africa countries like uganda, tanzania, kenya, Rwanda and burundi and some central African countries like the Congo D.R

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