What Does Stag Mean?


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The term stag has its origin in Old English and is taken from the word Stagga. Later, it was modified as stagge by Middle English. Stag generally relates to the masculine side of the sexes. An adult male deer is called stag. A pig is castrated after he reaches sexual maturity. Such a pig or any such animal is termed a stag. If a man attends a social gathering without a partner, he is called stag.

You must have heard about stag parties. These are parties only for men. Stag is a term for such a gathering. Stag could also mean pornographic. For example: stag films. It is film possessing pornographic content. This is an adjective use of the word 'stag'. As an adverb, it means 'unaccompanied'. For example: he went to the disco stag.

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