What Does The Name Hartley Mean?


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The name Hartley is a name for boys. The name Hartley is believed to be from Old English. It is supposed to mean "stag meadow" or "hart clearing". The name has four variant forms namely Hartlea, Hartleigh, Harthy and Hartlee. The name Hartley is also used in names of places and surnames. In England there was even a saint from the sixteenth century called Hartley. The name Hartley is generally pronounced as HAHRT-lee.

As the name for a place Hartley is found in Plymouth, Devon, in Cumbria, in Kent and in Northumberland in England. Hartley is also found used in South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland within Australia, Texas and Iowa in the United States and a Hartley in Zimbabwe as well. Nina Hartley is a renowned adult film actress as well.

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