What Does Obscurity Mean?


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Obscurity means "absence of light." It can also mean a state of isolation. A lack of illumination makes it difficult for one to view objects or people. Obscurity can also refer to inaccessibility or staying away from limelight or crowd. For instance: The successful actor, who had fans raving for him at a certain point of time, lived an existence of obscurity in the last few years of his life. A person who seeks anonymity tends to live his or her life in obscurity.

Something which is difficult to understand or comprehend is also known as "obscurity." In this context, the synonyms of the word are ambiguity, vagueness, equivocalness etc. Usually a thing or person is relegated to obscurity when not enough light is cast on it, literally as well as figuratively. It seems that the word entered popular English literature in the second half of the 13th century.

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