What Does Knock Off Mean?


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To knock off is a verb which has many meanings. The definitions of the term knock off means to neutralise or to get rid of someone who is a potential threat or rival by killing him or her, to shave or to reduce the price of an article, to hook or to steal, to dash off or to write quickly or to drop or stop pursuing or acting on something.

The term knock off is a noun which is defined all those items which are not made by the international giant in the field of games, Hasbro, for their GI Joe product line. It refers to a vintage line of toys made by Hasbro. All these vintage items or knock offs were made in the 1960's and the 1970's.

If it was not made by Hasbro and is not a GI Joe action figure, it is considered as a knock off. Knock off pieces do not have much value. It is very important to distinguish between a genuine piece and a knocked off item while purchasing a GI Joe action figure. It is abbreviated as KO.

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