What Does Obscure Mean?


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I think it might mean that something or someone is not well known and not very important?
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Obscure means "faint or something which is incomprehensible." Anything which is devoid of light is called as obscure. When a figure is obscure, it means that it is not likely to be spotted. T

Here is a sentence with the word "obscure":
The house looks obscure from this place.

Obscure can also mean "isolated." A place, a thing or a person who is located in an inaccessible place is called obscure.

For example:
The participants of the reality television show lived in an obscure home, far away from the city.

The word "obscure" made its inroad into popular English literature in the year 1009.
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Ok starwin I went on this to find the definition right? But now I've got to find out what inaccessible means too lol
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