What Is Ambience?


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The word 'ambience' is used to refer to the level of lighting in a room which can be either the artificial one or day light. You can better understand the term when it is used in the following phenomenon: More high the ambience, brighter the projector required to be for a viewable image in the room.

Sometimes the word can also be used in the context of audio effect where the word describes the sound quality present in the background of the listening room, recording room or surround processor. When you are using ambience in this context you can say that it is ambience of the recording that is responsible for providing it the space and also the sense of realism.
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Ambience is the internal environment of organisation. Ambience include many things  like  lighting, music, displays, visual merchandising and planogram etc. Ambience aslo helps in creating an image about the organisation. Now a days the private players are giving more importance on the ambience for their business.

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