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The name Roslyn is popularly used a female first name. It is a variant of Rosalind, Rosalyn and Rose. The name Rosalind refers to beautiful horse or gentle horse. According to the 1990 census conducted in United States, it was a very rare surname. Rosalyn is a combination of Rose and Lynn. The name Rose is a name of a flower and is taken from the Old German word 'hros' or 'hrod'. Hros means horse and Hrod means fame or renown. But, the meaning of rose as a flower is accepted as Rosa mystica refers to Virgin Mary. The name lynn mean 'lake or waterfall'. Thus, the name Roslyn means 'pretty'.

The name Roslyn is allegedly claimed as a form of 'Rose Line'. There is a line in France called Rose line and another line running through a chapel. Roslyn is formed of Ross and lyn. The Celtic word Ross means 'steep cliff' and Lyn is waterfall. Roslyn does hold any association with Rose Line.
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Roslyn is a girl who is wicked cool, she is banging and likes kids named adam. . .shes a beautiful rose and has really cool asian friends :D

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