What Is The Meaning Of Diligence?


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Diligence is a noun, the word as defined by the Oxford dictionary in the adjective form is Diligent, to be attentive, or assiduous...
So, from that Diligence. As good is to Goodness, so Diligent is to Diligence.

It really means to pay careful attention to something, to watch out.
As we pay attention, so we do Diligence in the business world, from this has come the business term used every day in banking and accounting circles, "To do due diligence" which simply put, really means to check that everything is legal and above board.

A diligent person pays attention to the details, to make sure everything stays on track.
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Diligence means being wise, watchful, careful, avoiding all sorts of collision and conflicts,taking time but as quick as possible to guard,
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Diligence means taking time in life to enjoy your surroundings, but still doing well in all of your work!
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Diligence is working hard with enthusiasm and care in all your actions.
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It means to be constant in the action or behavior of a believer. To make a constant and motivated effort to do what God wants.
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Diligence means persevering application both in our worldly duties and in our spiritual lives.

Diligence means to persist in an enterprise or undertaking in spite of opposition, or discouragement. Diligence is the opposite of idleness which leads to ruin and so we must be industrious and work with patience and wise planning.

Proverb 13:4 The sluggard craves and gets nothing, but the desires of the diligent are fully satisfied.

Diligence is required by God in seeking him, obeying him, listening to him, striving after perfection, developing Christian qualities, following every good work, guarding against defilement, teaching correct doctrines and instructing children.

1Timothy 4:15-16 Be diligent in these matters; give yourself wholly to them, so that everyone may see your progress. Watch your life and doctrine closely. Persevere in them, because if you do, you will save both yourself and your hearers.

We find an example of diligence in the life of Jesus. He was always busy teaching and healing and casting out demons from people. Yet he regularly sought the strength in solitude that only communion and fellowship with the Father could provide.
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The Meaning Of Diligence is the attitude or behavior of someone who works very hard and very carefully.
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The word diligence means the quality put in to achieve one's goal. The achievement is generally done with conviction, persistence and dedication. It also refers to taking utmost care or determination in paying proper awareness to a particular task or any kind of goals that needs to be accomplished.

The synonyms of the word diligence are assiduousness, industry, meticulousness, conscientiousness, thoroughness, attentiveness, carefulness. This word draws some kind of traces from the French word carrosse de, which means diligence, speed. Diligence also refers to a large stagecoach. It also carries the meaning of attentive care and heedfulness.
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All the above meanings are correct but I must add. In The Bible the word diligent is often used and to my mind if we were diligent in everything that we do for good then the time of DELIVERANCE would come so quickly. The key to a excellent world is diligent people and we would not have to worry about Due Diligent investigations so much people would work in a Free Market as Go has planned not just for the money put to supply the needs of our Lord and our neighbours and create create with the tithes (mind,brawn and soul) to provide the needs of our diligently..for the pure soul in you...
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Diligent is and adjective. It means "careful, patient, hardworking and persevering" in performing activities like duties etc. It's antonyms are  lazy, inactive and negligent. It's noun is diligence.
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Is doing work without tiring and working every time, and massive  amount of information.
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Diligence is being alert .

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